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New Life Rule

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New Life Rule applies to the Police and all civilians, Police may return to the scene of the death ONCE if there is 5 or less than cops online. 

  1. When you die your memory is erased, you don't hold a grudge and therefore can't seek revenge on the player who killed you.
  2. If you are killed by a cop during a role play situation your past crimes are forgotten.
  3. If you are killed you must wait 10 minutes before returning to the scene of your death (5km radius).
  4. If you die from a glitch/hacker, it is not NLR however you must notify an admin and provide evidence or NLR will apply
  5. If you die as a outlaw and log into a cop slot and return to the scene you were previously killed at NLR still applies.
  6. If there are 5 OR LESS Cops online, they may return to a situation ONCE without having to await NLR timer. If they die a second time, it’s NLR as normal.
  7. If at the start of an event (eg. a bank) and there are MORE THAN 5 Cops online, it’s NLR as normal, even if Cop numbers drop to 5 or less during the event.
  8.  After your NRL has expired, both Police and Civilians may return to the same situation providing they still have members that are declared on or have members who are still in combat.


                                                                Death by Glitch/Hacker/Rule Breaker

If you happen to be incapacitated via an in game glitch, Rule breaker or a hacker, NLR will still apply unless you provide evidence of said events happening and is given to a admin / moderator, in which NLR will not apply.

(Administrators Discretion)

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