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Patch Notes 26-07-16

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Items in red not yet added



  • Tax office
  • Police seized weapons crate
  • Cop medics can see dead people
  • Cop break down doors fixed
  • Oil rigs fixed
  • Paintball fixed
  • Paintball arena made bigger
  • 10 more Paintball spawns (20 in total)


  • Ultra light cheaper
  • Added back entry to Art Gallery 
  • Added Mosque in Adeliade


  • Chums Mad Max buggy addded to crafting
  • Chums Mad Max interceptor added to crafting
  • Batmobile will now be given away for admin events
  • Police road barriers & cones
  • Police bicycles for cadets


  • Fixed Police Taurus turning 
  • Fixed Police Suburban engine sound and siren sounds
  • Fixed Prius armor rating 
  • Fixed Drug dealer skin
  • Changed Police heli skin
  • EC635 Civ & Cop Heli
  • Females 
  • Female clothing  
  • Female mods have been included but not yet in game

New Mission:

  • Drug Mule misson - Buy drug package from a drug dealer and deliver it to another dealer.  it costs $2000 x the amount of people online and it sells for $20,000 x the amount of people online.  eg  10 people online  $20,000 to buy $200,000 to sell.  

New Animation added:

  • Zombie Animations  - for new mission
  • Dancing Animations - for nightclub
  • Threaten Animation
  • Up yours Animation



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