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Event Suggestion: SuperMax UNDEAD

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Each player starts off in a cell at Supermax. From there an alarm sound goes off and all of the cells open.// or admins can change that if neccesary. From there they proceed to the courtyard. At that time a zombie horde is spawned in the jail cell rooms. players who are still inside at the time will be declared as bitten/infected and are to be slain. from the courtyard players are to find spoons as fast as they can. than dig their way out of the jail. from there there will be a heli crash with a crate full of pistols as well as ammo. players are given 2 minutes to gather what they need as a zombie horde is than spawned not that far from supermax and have them coming towards the players. Players than can choose who they trust and it pretty much becomes a fight for survival as there are a total of 6 cars. two of them however are to be broken down and players won't know which one is. From there on players are to travel to wilcannia where a orca will be awaiting to take them away.




Added Rules:

Players are not KOS until the zombie horde arrives outside of Supermax.

Players cannot leave cell until told to

VDM is obviously against server rules however. Running over zombies is allowed

1st Prize suggestion: chums buggy + 4 UB tokens

2nd Prize suggestion: 1 engine part

3rd Prize suggestion: limo

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That sounds cool I would definitely give this a +1 because it would a flight for survival against zombies and other humans which they could be running at you where you would need to find the cars and anyone who is bitten must be killed before someone else becomes a zombie

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