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Keys Action
Push⁠-⁠to⁠-⁠talk hotkey in TS    Direct Speech.
Caps Lock To talk on a radio.
Ctrl+Caps Lock To talk on a long range radio.
Ctrl+P To open the handheld radio interface (the radio must be in the inventory slot). In that case, if you have a number of radios – you can select the one needed. It is also possible to set the radio as active (the one that will be used for transmission). Also it is possible to load radio settings from another radio with same encryption code.
Num [1-8] Rapid switching of shortwave radio channels.
Alt+P Opens the long range radio interface – for this action to work, you either have to have long range radio on you, or you have to be in a vehicle as a driver, gunner, or co-pilot. If a number of radios are available – you’ll be asked to choose one. Also, one of them can be set as active. Furthermore, it is possible to load radio settings from another radio with same encryption code.
Ctrl+Num [1-9] Rapid switching of long range radio channels.
Ctrl+Tab To change the direct speech volume. You can talk: Whispering, Normal or Yelling. Does not affect the signal volume in the radio transmission.
Shift+P To open an underwater transceiver interface (you should be wearing a rebreather).
Ctrl+~ To talk on underwater transceiver.
Ctrl+] Select next handheld radio.
Ctrl+[ Select previous handheld radio.
Ctrl+Alt+] Select next long range radio.
Ctrl+Alt+[ Select previous long range radio.
Ctrl+[←,↑,→] Change the stereo mode of handheld radio.
Alt+[←,↑,→] Change the stereo mode of long range radio.
T Transmit on additional channel of commander radio.
Y Transmit on additional channel of long range radio.
Esc To exit from the radio interface.

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