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Patch Notes 8-09-16

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  • Fixed general store and clothing store Brisbane
  • Fixed Dirty cop Willcania 
  • Fixed the ammo Hud display
  • Massive clean up of scripts and back end to make things run smoother
  • Fixed a few start up errors
  • Fixed bug with newly bought medic Heli 
  • Gang shed crates fix
  • Bikey Dupe Bug
  • Sell/buy house exploit
  • More trees can be chopped
  • bug in money made from captured hideouts
  • defusing kit kick bug
  • Gang sheds have lights on/off button
  • airdrop doesn't drop in same as dynamic blue zone
  • Crafting bug


  • Status bar
  • Spawn into - has zoom to player position, VB intro theme, + new paper article
  • adjusted prices for cooked foods
  • lowered the bank drill sound fx


  • Added cooking raw meat in hunting ground (make a camp fire sit down and cook raw meat in the hunting zone)
  • Added double of the amount of animal spawns to the hunting zone
  • Both primary and secondary weapons are now in the police seize crate
  • Added Bunnings to Perth and Brisbane
  • Ability to break people out of super max prison,  satchel charge on main gate,  and use the key card on the front door to open all doors temp (tutorial coming soon)
  • Added playing XP 
  • Ymenu items can now be looted from looting


  • Fixed Jonzie police lights
  • Added static Characters  soon to replace info stands over the next week.

New Mission:

  • Added crop dusting mission Earn $400 per second  + a bonus if you complete mission.  (start the mission at Melbourne or Sydney airport) tutorial coming soon)

Added more to the Car upgrades frame work 

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