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  1. You must declare on a rival civilian or the police before initiating any hostile action. You must give them and action and a consequence. E.g. “Shift F1 or Die”. If Declaring on Police via Mass Text Message you must give sufficient information to make it known who you are declaring on, such as a location or the situation. E.g. “All cops at or around the front of city jail in Brisbane, Shift F1 or Die” or “All Cops that are transporting “******” to Supermax, Shift F1 or Die”.
  2. Declarations must have a clear and valid in-game reason.
  3. You may declare via text message (text message applies to entire gangs or police) or direct voice only.
  4. gang declarations must include the whole gang I.E all of SOV put your hands up or you will be shot.
  5. Text message declarations only apply to Police or Gang members within the area otherwise Voice Declaration Applies as normal
  6. You must give the recipient 10 seconds to reply to your declaration. 
  7. You must declare on an entire gang if you wish to engage a clan/gang.
  8. If you declare on a solo clan/gang member, other members of that clan/gang can engage in combat to protect their fellow member.
  9. No declaring via side chat in either voice or text. This is an invalid dec.
  10. No killing in safe zones (green)
  11. You are allowed to use the pop-up of a player's name/kill feed as information to declare on someone, as well as declaring by using only their clan tag (if they have one) E.g. “All of *GANG NAME* ShiftF1 or Die.”  
  12. No declaration is required in KOS zone (red)
  13. If no weapons have been fired since the last death for 5 minutes the combat situation is over and you must re-dec to continue the combat.
  14. Continuous police sirens are a form of declaration on the people they are chasing only. If a civilian wants to help defend their mate inside of the declared car, they must declare separately. The burst sirens are not a valid declaration; they are there to indicate for you to pull over.

  15. Police are not involved in your war how ever they will act in the best interest of the civilians.
  16. When robbing Banks, Art galleries, Fuel Stations, etc...  ALL GANGS and or Players must declare within the first minute or your dec will be invalid and it will be considered RDMing.
  17. if you declare on a minimum of 2 people and they both have different tags on or one has tags and the other doesn't you must declare on both parties before you can take any action.
  18. if 2 people are together and neither of you have tags on or have different tags you must both declare on all parties separately  
  19. if you have temp invited a player to the gang that person must declare separately before shooting unless you have stated that he is apart of the gang
  20. if someone is breaking into your house and you catch them (within 5 minutes) it is classed as a KOS zone for the owner of the house.
  21. if someone is lock picking your car you still have to declare on them as per normal.
  22. The person providing a declaration must present a clear threat; The initiator/aggressor must provide evidence that they can follow through with their declaration by either holding a weapon or communicating that other members of their clan/gang are able to respond.


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