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    • RiverWolf

      Staff Applications Open   08/03/17

      Staff Applications are now Open
    • Spectral

      Media and Video Team - Recruitment   26/03/17

        Hey guys,  Been very impressed with the feedback and talent from getting to work with the Textures team, and the work they are doing is amazing.  So with that in mind I am on a recruitment drive. If you :- - have technical proficiency in Skinning/Texturing - are able to complete high quality work  - can work within a team or do solo projects  Then I would love to have a chat. Discussion will include what you receive for your efforts.    Video Production  High quality montages of RP, good episodes of life on Server, stuff you upload to own channel and are happy to have reposted. Not interested in killing sprees, dank memes, trolling or anything that portrays the Server or Community in a bad way. I am also looking for :-  A News Team. In game, in a Van/Heli. Following the stories that matter, and filming Events. Making up news. The old farms closing down, new Cruise ship in Sydney harbour. RP with props.  Also some other things. TBA!!   Come see me in TS, I will be asking for a Media Team Channel setup with a lobby to be made.  Cheers  -Spectral   
    • Spectral
    • Spectral

      Forums and Events, and Community   09/04/17

      Take a peek. Cheers. - Spectral   
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Safe Zones are marked GREEN on the map. Some zones are dynamic. Please pay attention

In a green zone, any form of hostile role play is STRICTLY PROHIBITED against both factions, civilian and police. This hostile action includes but is not limited to robberies, grand theft (car theft) and combat.

  1. All Outlaw outposts.
  2. All Donator outposts.
  3. All Hospitals.
  4. All Garages/Hangers/Ports/Vehicle spawns.
  5. No killing/shooting/knocking out other players/robbing is permitted in these zones.
  6. You cannot enter a safe zone during combat/if you have been declared on/are in a stolen vehicle.
  7. All spawn points (city apartments) 
  8. The random City safe zone does not apply if robbing the bank, other shops when versing police
  9. No vehicle in a safe zone is to be removed for any reason 
  10. there is a 100m zone around all safe zones, you are not allowed to camp this area and wait for someone to come out of the safe zone and Declare on them. (Radius only applies when you are within the safe zone and are exiting the safe zone)
  11. Civilians at Cop base must store illegal weapons in a backpack or vehicle. Failure to do so could result in a ban (Police must ask you twice to either put the gun away or leave the safe zone and come back without it before it can be taken further.)
  12. No vehicle in a safe zone is to be removed/stolen for any reason (contact either staff member or a police officer to clear vehicles off a spawn point.)

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