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Zones marked in Yellow  are kill cop on sight. Cops can raid Yellow zones (Cops have to declare it is a raid in the Dec message) as they are ‘established/identified hotspots for criminal activity’.  Anyone/Any vehicle in or around the Yellow zone can be searched by Police for illegal items.


  1. Weed fields
  2. Cocaine shipments
  3. Rye Fields
  4. Turtle Poaching
  5. Heroin Processing
  6. Weed Processing
  7. LSD Processing
  8. Cocaine Processing


A yellow zone (also known as cop KOS zone) permits all forms of hostile action and role play. KOS against cops in this zones is PERMITTED but KOS against civilians is STRICTLY PROHIBITED unless proper role play and declaration is given in which it is allowed. Cops may not KOS in this zone and must use proper role play before initiating any form of hostile role play against civilians (unless fired upon first).

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