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Chris Lickytung


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  • Video evidence or multiple screenshots that capture the crucial moments of the incident.
  • Please have all evidence ready prior.
  • An accurate description of the item lost/destroyed.
  • Failing to provide insufficient for comp may result in not being comped (Admin discretion)
  • The admin in charge has the right to global mute or mute individuals in team speak. 
  • we do not comp if you're computer is aids and you die due to your frames dropping

NOTE: Any compensation request that does not have accompanying video evidence, if approved, will only amount to 25% of the total value.


When submitting video evidence it would probably be best to cut out the section that is relevant. You can do this in one of two ways, both methods will be outlined below:

VLC method:

  • Download VLC media player from HERE
  • Open/install
  • Click view>advanced controls
  • Load your video
  • Play the video starting at the section you would like to start recording
  • Click record
  • Click record (to stop the recording)
  • Find your file output in your videos folder


Avidemux method:

  • Download Avidemux from HERE
  • Open/install
  • Load the video
  • On the left hand side in video output, select Mpeg4 AVC (x264)
  • Click A to start the section
  • Click B to stop the section
  • Click Save, and save the file to your directory

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